Helping a New Leader Succeed in a Growing Organization

Coaching   When a leader is new in an organization that is experiencing growth, there are strategies to help her/him succeed.  The organization should provide training of leadership skills, but also a leadership coach for ongoing performance.  Learning to develop and communicate a clear vision statement can be enhanced in these coaching sessions.  It’s important for the new leader to understand the need to maintain authenticity in their work interactions.  Co-active coaching believes the coach and leader are equals and focuses on achieving action (Kimsey-House, Kimsey-House & Sandahl, 2011).

Selection Procedures  A company in growth should focus on effective hiring.  The leader wants to ensure that new hires will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to be successful.  Putting together effective selection procedures and using assessments can have a great impact.  Industrial Organizational Psychologists can help with developing selection methods that use valid assessments and structured interviews to maximize the performance and profits of the organization.

Team Building  The new leader should use effective team building principles so that new hires are assigned to optimal work groups (O’hara, 2014).  Individuals should get to know each other and their leader in an informal way to build trust.  The manager needs to provide the vision and specific work goals to the team and allow individual team members to consider how they can best contribute.  The leader should provide expectations on how the team will function and demonstrate their commitment to help each team member along the way.  Finally, the manager should ensure the team has a devil’s advocate to ensure that processes are continually challenged for improvement (Coutu & Beschloss, 2009).

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